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Algorithms Configuration

Parameter Current value Max. value

Solver Limits

(case of larger dimensions)
Max. CPU time for solving (sec): 60
Max. memory for solving (KB): 8192
Max. number of basis solutions in report: 500

Generator Limits

Max. CPU time for generation (sec): 60
Max. memory for generation (KB): 8192

Generator Parameters

Number of equations in ANLDE system: 100
Number of unknowns in ANLDE system: 150
Number of ANLDE systems in set: 15
Max. values of coefficients for ANLDE system: 1000
Max. values of components in basis solution: 10000
Max. number of basis solutions for ANLDE system: 500

All values must be integers greater than zero, except Max. number of basis solutions in report which can be equal to zero.

Processing Systems with larger dimensions

If you would like to solve systems with the dimensions greater than the constraints specified above, please send your request to Dmitry Korzun.

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