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Web System for Demonstrating the Syntactic Algorithms for Solving Linear Equations in Nonnegative Integers

Dear guest,

We consider a special class of homogenous NLDE systems that are Associated with context-free grammars (ANLDE systems). See an example of such a system and its processing. The attractive property of the demonstrated syntactic algorithm is its polynomial complexity. This makes the algorithm to be more efficient than "universal" solvers of arbitrary NLDE systems; the syntactic solver can be used even for large systems. For instance, the algorithm was tested on ANLDE systems with dimensions up to 1000 equations, 1200 unknowns, and coefficients in range [0,500]. Less than minute was spent by the syntactic solver to find Hilbert basis for any of these systems. For comparison, standard integer programming solvers might spend several hours or even days to find only one solution, not the whole basis; moreover they were failed to solve in reasonable time some of these ANLDE systems. More details about the ANLDE theory can be found here.

Using Web-SynDic you can test our syntactic algorithm, look at its efficiency, compare it with alternative algorithms. Use the menu on the left of this page to access these features.

The basic Web-SynDic feature is processing a single ANLDE system or a set of ANLDE systems. Limits of this processing are controlled with algorithms configuration. Your opinion about Web-SynDic can be given with send notes feature.

Now you are working as a guest. To access more function, you should register and log in. During this guest session you can change the algorithms configuration, but the changes are lost whenever your session is over. The lifetime of your session is not limited, however the session is terminated after idle period of 15 min.

The explanation of the name "Web-SynDic" can be found here.

The Web-SynDic system preface

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